How can Managers work with an Alexithymic Employee

How can Managers work with an Alexithymic Employee | Freelance Writer Journey

Employees and managers have to communicate regularly. It could be related to an on-going project, an annual review, a team meeting or a conversation at the coffee machine.  The challenge for many managers happens when they are faced with an employee who doesn’t display any emotion. That difficulty can lead to misunderstandings, confrontations, mistrust and poor judgements. ...

Alexithymia: [3 TIPS] To Regain the Ability to Name Your Emotions

Alexxithymia: having no words for emotions

I came across the word alexithymia while reading the book “Emotional Agility” by the Psychologist Susan David. Like me, you may have had or have alexithymia without knowing. Although it is a difficulty millions of people struggle with every day, there isn’t a clinical diagnosis for alexithymia. However, psychologists have been able to link it to a range of mental...