My Progress made on Weeks 3 & 4

Progress made on Week 3 & 4 on my Journey to be a Freelance Writer

On week four, a friend sent me a copywriting project from a Content Manager she knows. I didn’t feel confident at first because of my inexperience. But, I remembered a quote from Les Brown, “You don’t have to Be Great to get started, but you have to get started to Be Great”. 

I re-assessed my skills and abilities. Then, I sent my pitch by e-mail to the Content Manager. The next day we have a call appointment to discuss the project. I felt more confident about it and couldn’t wait to start on this new challenge. The next step was to send her a 1500 words article on a subject she defined and send it to her on Tuesday (week 5).

Work done on Week 3

  • Rewrote a blog post, 
  • Drafted a blog post, 
  • Completed one module of Content Marketing, 
  • Wrote a post on Emotional Awareness on Linkedin,
  • Completed one module of Content Marketing,
  • Listened to a Podcast, 
  • Watched a Youtube video on ways to make money as a Blogger,
  • Finished drafting a blog post (missing intro and conclusion),
  • Completed the entire Content Marketing course,

Work done on Week 4

  • Finished writing a blog post, 
  • Final editing and publication of a post, 
  • Wrote two blog posts (learning section),
  • Published an article on LinkedIn
  • Read an article on B2B Writing, 
  • Read an article on pitching new clients,
  • Read an article on starting a blog, 
  • Read an article on 10 blog SEO strategies, 
  • Studied SEO strategies & WordPress plugins,
  • Read articles on how to fix a rate as a Freelance Writer,
  • Call appointment with a Content Manager for a copywriting project,
  • Research on VAT, entrepreneurship and accounting for the copywriting project, 
  • Drafted the article on the subject above. 

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