My Progress made on weeks 5 & 6

Progress made on weeks five and six. This is my journey to be a Freelance Writer.

On week four, I applied for a content project. I had to write a 1500 words test article and submitted on Tuesday (week five). Then, week six was a trial week to see if I could manage the workload, deadlines and work with the Content Manager. 

I will write a blog post about it.

Work done on week 5

  • Research on VAT and accounting for the content project, 
  • Finished writing the test article. 
  • Re-wrote the test article,
  • Added an image and two charts to illustrate the content better,
  • Sent it to the Content Manager with a clear SEO explanation,
  • Brainstorming on the next blog post to write,
  • Drafted the next blog post, 
  • Call appointment with a Content Manager. I got the job. 
  • Created and registered my business as a Freelance Writer,
  • Chose its legal structure,
  • Learned how to make an invoice using Henrri,
  • Editing a blog post,
  • Finished writing a blog post,
  • Research on how to create a Freelance contract. 

Work done on week 6

  • Research on the next blog post, 
  • Worked on the content project,
  • While writing articles, I learned about accounting, finances and French law.

Week 6 has been intense. It wasn’t easy to write and deliver four articles of 400-1500 words plus one pillar page of 4000 words. In another blog post, I will tell you why I lost the contract and what I learned in the process. 

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