My Progress made on [weeks 7 & 8]


I began and finished the book “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor E. Frankl. It’s a great book. If you are wondering what’s the meaning of life, you might find the answer in this book. You will understand the purpose of love and suffering. And why having the power of Choice is so essential. 

Work done on week 7 

I had to bring my laptop to repairing because the battery was dying. And, then the rest of the week I wasn’t “there”. It was an unproductive week.

  • Research made on the next blog post.
  • Posted one blog post on the “Best Free WordPress Plugins For Beginners”.
  • Research on “online courses for Freelance Writer.” 

Work done on week 8

  • Online course on “How to Start a Freelance Business”. One module completed.
  • Worked on my business plan: 
    • Who is my target?
    • What is my goal?
    • What are my missions?
    • What is my Niche? My expertise (what am I good at)?
    • Wrote a small text to introduce myself as a Freelance Writer.
  • Rewrote two french articles.
  • Write a Pitch. I am thinking about sending Cold Emails.

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