[3] Easy copywriting courses worth your time on SkillShare

This blog post is for copywriters, aspiring copywriters, people interesting in copywriting - both beginner and intermediate levels.

This blog post is for copywriters, aspiring copywriters, people interesting in copywriting – both beginner and intermediate levels.

I tell you about 3 easy copywriting courses worth your time on Skillshare. I followed several copywriting classes, and these three made a really good impression and taught me a lot.  

Two of them focus on copywriting skills, which is great because you want to acquire or improve your skills and apply them immediately in your business. You’ll get the tools and materials to sharpen your copywriting ability. 

The last course focuses on creating your freelance copywriting business in a week. This course is perfect for beginners. In 7 steps, you’ll learn how to create a websiteget your first clients and design a professional look for your business.  

You need less than 2 hours per day to complete each course. And at the end of this post, I give you 14 free days access to Skillshare Premium!

You have zero excuses. It’s time to level up your copywriting skills.

3 copywriting courses on SkillShare

Copywriting For Beginners: How To Write Web Copy That Sells Without Being Cheesy by Jesse Forrest 


Jesse Forrest has designed this amazing copywriting course for beginners. He is the Founder and Chief Copywriter at Start Copywriting.

Here you’ll learn how to write web copy that sells your products and services. 

The course starts by explaining the difference between content writing and copywriting and why it matters. A fundamental distinction you must understand as a Freelance Copywriter. It’ll help you define your services better.

In 17 concise videos, you’ll learn how to write headlinessubheadingsCTA copytestimonials, and more to build trust with your audience. 

You can practice your copywriting skills by downloading the class project worksheet, which gives you fill-in-the-blanks writing templates. 

Personal opinion

I enjoyed this copywriting course because it was easy to follow, and the principles are easy to implement. 

I found Jesse’s explanations clear and straightforward. 

He highlighted exactly what I have to do to capture my audience’s attention through my copy. And I feel more confident about my writing ability.

The information is valuable, clear and concise, which is what I look for in an online course. 

Copywriting Basics for Successful Sales: Time-Tested Tactics that Prompt Action by Jack Zerby 


Jack Zerby is the Founder and Designer of DoHQ, Flavors.me and Goodsie. He was the former Design Director at Vimeo and also a designer at Pentagram Design, Frog Design and RG/A.

In this course, you’ll learn the principles, tactics, and writing frameworks that copywriters have been using since the 30s

First, you’ll learn what is copywriting and get book recommendations on the subject.

Secondly, through the history of sales letters, you’ll learn how to identify audiences, use popular writing formulas, and create engaging headlines.

Thirdly, you’ll learn how to write copy that highlight the benefits instead of features to attract your audience’s attention and trigger an action. Jack will also tell you if you should write long or short copy.

Personal opinion

By far, it is the best copywriting course I took on Skillshare. Jack gives you actionable steps through helpful examples to write better copies. 

The 12 videos are short, straightforward and entertaining. The content is well organised, and the teacher adds his sense of humour to make it enjoyable for the student. 

The course makes copywriting accessible to anyone. Moreover, the resources give you the tools and materials you need to improve your skill as a copywriter and become better every day

Copywriter in a Week: How to Become a Freelance Copywriter by Alan Sharpe 


Alan Sharpe is a B2B Technology Copywriter and Copywriter Instructor on Udemy. 

In the early 90s, he started his business as a Freelance Copywriter and has since worked with worldwide organisations and top agencies (Apple, IBM, MT&T Cossette, Leo Burnett and more).

This course teaches you how to start a freelance copywriting business in a week. 

Alan teaches you the steps he took to get started. And the lessons he learned along the way as he freelanced for businesses, agencies and non-profit organisations.

Although the promise is to start your business in seven-days, don’t pressure yourself to have everything set up in a week.

Take your time to watch the videos, learn the lessons and follow the process. 

⚠️ Warning: The course does not teach copywriting. It doesn’t teach a single thing about how to write copy. It focuses on how to become a freelance copywriter.

Personal opinion 

I recommend this course for copywriters or aspiring copywriters. Alan provides everything you need to start from zero. You’ll also gain insights on how to: 

  • Create your portfolio 🌟
  • Brand yourself
  • Pick your perfect client
  • Perfect your pitch
  • Start prospecting new businesses
  • Draft a letter of agreement 🌟
  • Look professional as a Copywriter 🌟

Skillshare Premium!

Ali invites you to try Skillshare Premium free for 14 days!

As promised, I give you 14 free days access to Skillshare Premium! 

I hope this will encourage you to get started as a copywriter, to take a copywriting course and improve your skills.

Copywriting is essential for your business, so is Content Marketing. I took an online course on Hubspot. I learned a lot about BloggingSEOStorytelling and Content Strategy.

Leave a comment if you have any copywriting courses to suggest or if you want to share your experience with the classes on Skillshares.

I would love to hear from you. 

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