Conditional And Unconditional Love Start With You

Conditional love means that you can earn it or lose it through the actions you do or don't do. Does it seem right for you? Do you believe that?


As a child, your parents may have taught you that love means « respecting your family and your elders ». As long as you respect the grown-ups, you will be cherished, but if you have the misfortune of not doing what they said or expect from you, you will lose their affection. 

At school, you may have noticed that some teachers appreciated you more when you had good grades. The higher your test results, the more positive attention you got from them. You may also have encountered the opposite. The lower your grades were, the less consideration you got from your professors. 

At work, you may have received positive and encouraging compliments from your managers because of your high-performance results. And, maybe their attitude changed when your performance started to decrease or when you made a mistake.

In a romantic relationship, perhaps your partner showed you more love and affection when you were doing everything « right ». But once you stopped doing what your spouse wanted or started to act in alignment with your true self, your partner’s love started to fade.

These are scenarios of conditional love.

If love is conditional, then it means you can earn it or lose it through the actions you do or don’t do. It puts so much pressure on a person who will try his/her best to meet some superficial expectations.


Love is supposed to be unconditional and not conditional.

We made it a condition trough the education we’ve received or the way we’ve experienced love. Deep inside, we felt it wasn’t « right », but we did it again and again — that’s why, nowadays, our relationships are so weak and without depth. 

We can’t even say « I love you » without the fear of not hearing it back.

We would rather play the game « who will say it first », than expressing our real emotions. We turned love into fear. We fear to love and to be loved. 

Unconditional love is when people respect and support each other without any expectation of something in return. It is accepting people for who they are. It means offering your love freely without condition.


I came to believe that love is the highest choice we make in our life about who we believe we are. 

Love hurts. It can leave you with a broken heart. However, if your heart hasn’t been broken once in your life, you may not have loved at all. Therefore, it would be best that instead of suppressing your feelings, you welcome them

Love is not a weakness but a strength. Your sensitivity doesn’t make you weak but powerful. The more you love, the stronger you become. 


We should love people unconditionally without any string, judgment or expectation. Love is more than an emotion. It is an energy, which is present in each one of us.

I invite you to do a little exercise before you finish reading this post.

Read the phrases below out loud with conviction and emotion.
Then, tell me in the comment section, how do you feel. 🙂

Love is Unconditional. 

Love is Unlimited.

Love is Pure.

Love Gives Away. 

Love Heals. 

Love is Fearless.

Love is You.

Love is Me. I Am Love.

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